Welcome to Chamber Leads Group 6

Chamber Leads Group 6, a program of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, is comprised of local business people who share a simple belief – that we can be more successful together than on our own. Through leads, referrals, sharing of best practices and encouraging each other through common experiences, we have built a network of trust and confidence that helps our members thrive.

Like with all Chamber Leads Groups, each member represents a different industry category, so instead of competing for business, we look for ways to get each other business. By placing a priority on helping each other first, everyone benefits. That is why Chamber Leads Group 6 has so little turnover and our membership hovers around the maximum limit every year.

If you are interested in joining Chamber Leads Group 6, please contact the Chamber at 521-3105 and see if your category is available. If it is, we welcome you to visit and experience our group for yourself.

Chamber of Commerce – Leads Group 6

Chamber Leads Group 6 • 1700 N. Monroe St., Suite 11-6 • Tallahassee, FL 32303 • (850) 224-8116 • info@leadsgroup6.com
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